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Copy Director at The Banditry Co.

January 25, 2019

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It’s 2019 and I’ve realized that you, my loyal fans, are in for a long overdue update. It seems I never took the time to mention what I’ve been up to for the last 4 years! So, here we are.

In 2015, I joined forces with a fellow creative and co-founded The Banditry Co., a full-service animation studio. “But Natalie,” you’re probably thinking, “You aren’t an animator…in fact you can hardly color in the lines of a coloring book let alone illustrate or draw.” Wow, harsh, but true. I understand your confusion. Allow me to explain.

Throughout my career as a copywriter, I have carved myself a little niche as a sort of storytelling and brand voice specialist. I love it. I love wearing brands like a character and giving them voice. Between this and my background in comedy and theatre, I specialize in script writing. As a freelancer, I found myself working on more and more brand personality profiles, strategy and script writing projects. I found that I love these projects more than most.

And so, when the opportunity arose to help start a studio and serve as copy director / director of story, I jumped at it.

The Banditry Co. was born of myself and a fellow freelancer, one whose bread and butter is 3D animation. Over the last four years, we’ve grown. We’ve added partners and grown our team and now, with our powers combined, we are a full-service animated video production company. We have the skill sets on staff to take any animated project from initial consult, to concept, to script, development and production. We illustrate, we cast, we direct, hell, we even have a small voice over booth in our office.

As Copy Director, I take the lead on strategy and story, crafting concepts and scripts that best support our clients message and goals. I drive the pre-production process all the while working with the designers to make sure we develop a video solution with maximum impact.

Do I still take strictly copywriting projects? Yes. I’ve formed amazing relationships throughout my full-time and freelance career and wouldn’t trade them for the world. I still develop copy for other agencies and even other production companies. I still work direct-to-client for a few longstanding clients and with new ones whenever I am able. I still help run a networking group for other amazing Chicago copywriters and am happy to refer other writers for projects I can’t take on. Now, however, I’m part of a larger team and can help support clients in a variety of other ways as well.

So, in a very small nutshell, that’s what I’ve been up to. That’s why you might not see as many blog posts from me on this page (I’m busy writing them for the studio). That’s why you might see an even further uptick in video projects on here.

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