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It’s about saying what you need to say, and not a syllable more.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I say lose the picture. No one needs a thousand words–not when the right few do so much.

ComedicWho I Am

I am Natalie C. Mueller. I started using my middle initial professionally when I was ten-years-old practicing my autograph and thought it looked fancy. I am a writer, thinker and creative tinkerer. I like big ideas and small words. I believe strong messages punctuate good design and vice versa. I crave collaboration and, often, oatmeal stouts.

I am a champion of story, both on the page and onstage as a player in Chicago’s astounding comedy and live lit scene. I savor the opportunity to tell your story and make something together.

I now co-run The Banditry Co, a full-service animated video production boutique, as Copy and Story Director.

I was married and changed my name in 2015 and have been having an identity crisis about it ever since.

What I Do

Copywriting: Scriptwriting, Digital , Print, Events, Interactive, B2B, B2C, Human-to-Human | Editorial.
Research | Strategy | Naming | Tagline | Messaging platform | Identity.
Ideation | Concept | Campaign | Project/Production Management.

Where I’ve Been


Havas Worldwide | Chicago
Mosaic Sales Solutions | Chicago
VSA Partners | Chicago
Pivot Design | Chicago
Syinc | Chicago
BatesMeron Sweet Design | Chicago
TinyBold | Chicago
One North Interactive | Chicago
Juice Interactive | Chicago
Closerlook | Chicago
Breakout Studio | Chicago
Visual Harvest | Elmhurst
Inspire Marketing Services | Chicago
The Bond Group | Chicago
Loosekeys TV | Chicago
Apples & Arrows | Wichita


Food & Beverage | Bud Light, Best Damn, Enfamil
Technology | AT&T, Google, Allstate, RedLegg
Financial/Professional Services | Citibank / AAdvantage, Grant Thornton, First Data, Deloitte
Retail | Sears, Castrol,
Insurance, Healthcare & Pharma | Zurich Insurance, Delta Dental, Takeda
Hospitality & Entertainment | Hyatt, Marriott, Metro, Visit Wichita, Wichita Symphony Orchestra, Intrust Bank Arena
Other | DHL Forwarding, Alar Vision, Georgetown University, Cards Against Humanity, Mortenson Construction, Skolnik Steel
Non Profit | American Osteopathic Association, AHRMM, pH Comedy Theater, Naperville Men’s Glee Club
…and more

Awards & Achievements

Gold Midas | 2015 | Citi AAdvantage In-Flight Video

Grand Ex Award | 2014| Bud Light, Whatever USA


Talented writers, great beer, hilarious performers and inconsistent weather patterns. I love this city.