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Introducing Speak Freely Fridays

July 6, 2016

Blog Natalie Mueller Comments Off on Introducing Speak Freely Fridays

Real talk. Running your own business can be hard. Dealing with an often sexist industry is hard. Negotiating rates, fighting to be fairly compensated for your work is hard. Defining yourself in a creative field, carving your own unique path is hard. Working from home can be hard. Fitting in to a new agency atmosphere when you know that you will only be there for a few weeks is hard. Art is hard. Life is hard. So let’s talk about it.

Instead of shrugging it off, or avoiding ‘difficult’ conversations, let’s talk about it. Let’s speak freely about the challenges and joys of creative jobs, the agency life style, freelancing and managing your own piece of creative heaven.

And let’s do it on Fridays so that I can make a little alliteration out of it. I’m excited and a little anxious to announce a new blog series: Speak Freely Fridays. Full disclosure, I’ll try to post once a month, but my unpredictable schedule may get in the way.

The Chicago Copywriters community has given me a lot of great friends and colleagues, but also a deeper perspective into the field, the people and the usual issues we find ourselves up against.


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