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PhysEdGear Branding, Website & Video / Branding, Video, Web

PhysEdGear Branding, Website & Video INFO

Project : Brand Strategy, Website & Animated Explainer Video

Client : PhysEdGear

Who said gym clothes can't be exciting? Certainly not PhysEdGear transforms sourcing PE uniforms into a rewarding opportunity. In our second collaboration with the founders of this fine company, The Banditry Co. (with me at the story-helm) dug in to help define the company brand voice, messaging and strategy before developing a new website and promotional video for them.

My Work:

  • Complete brand strategy
  • Brand profile, value proposition & messaging hierarchy
  • Content strategy & sitemap
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Direction
  • Scriptwriting
  • Voiceover

Click here to view the full, live [which has no doubt evolved since originally written and developed.]

Creative direction, website design, development, optimization and all design and 3D animation all created in tandem with The Banditry Co., for which I serve as VP and Copy Director.