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Whatever, USA 2.0 — Return to Whatever! / Experiential

Whatever, USA 2.0 — Return to Whatever! INFO

Project : Bud Light's Whatever, USA 2.0

Client : Anheuser Busch

How do you take something unbelievably epic and unexpected and make it just as (if not more) epic and unbelievable again? After blowing everyone's mind last year, Mosaic and ABI had their work cut out for them to raise the bar even higher this year. I'm thrilled to have gotten called in to work/play on this rollercoaster again and got to get my hands dirty even earlier in the process with input in initial concept development, look and feel, strategy and client presentation. And another 1,300 or so lucky winners got to experience the wonder that is Whatever, USA -- this time on Catalina Island in California. The attached video is just a tiny snapshot of all of the hard work and awesome that went into bringing this wacky idea to life yet again.

My Work:

  • Concept development and ideation (AKA wtf is gonna happen at this thing? How are we gonna make it even more epic than last year? How can we push the barriers even further?)
  • Creative direction
  • Character development (Creating a whole new cast of Whatever, USA ‘locals’ to help bring the town alive, ask me more!)
  • Casting
  • Talent management and direction
  • Live event production

Ask me more about working on this amazing, award-winning campaign for a second year in a row and the amazing team at Mosaic. I love to talk about this team, their kick ass work and the family they’ve carved out for themselves at an awesome agency with a client that really wants to do big things.

More videos from the weekend:

Day 2 Recap

One Town, So many Memories


Experiential Agency: Mosaic Sales Solutions
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