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The good, the bad, & the just wait for it

January 31, 2014

Current Projects On Writing Natalie Mueller Comments Off on The good, the bad, & the just wait for it

This is an apology and an announcement.


>>I’m working on a new website.

Itwill separate my introverted writer side and my extrovert performer side. It will be thorough yet concise. It will be a lot of fun.

>>I’m working on some big plans. Website aside, I’m making some not-so-little life changes. They are exciting. They will make me happier, more productive, and, perhaps most importantly, more available to you.

>>I will be taking on more freelance. Working freelance in addition to part time is a little hairy. My recent bookings and performances have made it twice so. I’m making some changes. Be on the look out. Just a friendly reminder of my freelance capabilities:

  • Branding — research, strategy, naming, tagline, messaging platform etc
  • Copywriting — if it needs words, I can write them; B2B, B2C, event marketing, longform, scriptwriting, web, broadcast, radio, print, direct mail, press releases, etc
  • Writing — features, profiles, editorials, ghostwriting, blogging, words, etc
  • Social Media — Campaigns, regular posts, targeted posts
  • Copyediting & proofreading
  • Producing

>>I will be blogging more. And probably writing more in general.

>>I will be collaborating more. Get at me.

The bad news:

>>Some things might break. The website update may take a little time and while I’m working on it a few elements of my current site might break.

E.g. portfolio sorting is already glitchy. And the homepage grid isn’t loading right. Basically, the internet is a tricky bastard. Please be patient.

Essentially, please pardon my dust, but be very excited for when the dust settles.

[[Obligatory “Under Construction” GIF.]]

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