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The Jump — Freelance Copywriter For Hire

March 17, 2014

Blog On Me On Writing Natalie Mueller Comments Off on The Jump — Freelance Copywriter For Hire

It is with great pride, pleasure and probable anxiety that I announce my official foray into the world of full time freelance.

For the last two years, I have freelanced in addition to my full time agency position. Why? Because I am crazy. I love words. I love them so much, apparently, that I was completely comfortable writing them all day and night. That has not changed and, I hope, never will.

In fact, very little has changed. The only change is my availability. I’m through with the limitations of after-hours freelance. I’m making the jump. I’m all yours, all day.

I’m hungry. I want to do more. I want to share my words–with smaller design firms without a full time writing staff, with growing firms eager to take on larger projects, with local designers looking for a word-mate, with independent businesses in need of a brand enhancement. We all have that laundry list of people we’d absolutely love to collaborate with; to create alongside. For me, that list grow exponentially with every Chicago creative I meet.

As a comedian, I am blessed with countless opportunities to collaborate with Chicago’s amazing community of writers, performers and funny people. I am free to pursue the opportunities that excite me. And now, I am granting myself that same freedom in writing.

As of April 02, I am available for all of your freelance copywriting and producing needs. Onsite? Offsite? Digital? Print? Video? Branding? You name it.

I want to write for you. I want to work with you. I want to create with you.

Have a project on the horizon? Book me today. Drop me a line at or fill out this form and let’s get started.

Remember when I said there was excitement on the horizon? Yup.

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