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When a Copywriter Gets Married…

January 13, 2016

Blog On Me Natalie Mueller Comments Off on When a Copywriter Gets Married…


When a copywriter gets married she hems and haws about each and every word and comma on each and every print piece and sign. She stresses not about whether or not her dress will still fit on her big day but whether or not the program she wrote will still fit her and her future husband’s voice on the big day. She has trust and respect in more traditional invitation language, but at the same time resists the traditional or “usual” phrasing. She obsesses over finding the perfect balance between personality and clarity. She takes great care.

Her invitations are direct with a degree of play. She chooses clarity. She chooses simplicity. She comes to regret the use of a negative (“can’t wait!”) when asking for RSVPs for her big day. She reads “can’t” first and keeps thinking people can’t come. It’s the one thing on the invites she wishes she hadn’t done.

When a copywriter gets married her out of town guests get a treat. They aren’t coming in for a wedding, but a mini-cation that should be fully taken advantage of. They are given the tools to eat and explore their way through the city…but only the bride and groom’s favorite parts because the bean is a joke and Giordanos is gross. Fine, they will be given a bulleted list of the unnecessary: The Bean, Navy Pier, etc but the no Giordanos and the tower is called Sears. When a copywriter gets married her ‘welcome note’ is a well laid-out brochure.

Her website is self-strategized, written and built. There are tabs, glorious tabs. Well-organized, pertinent information with enough personality and play to keep her family and friends engaged — though they’ll just ask her in person for all of the info anyway.

weddingsignWhen a copywriter gets married all wedding copy is carefully crafted. Her program is simple but sassy and her and her groom’s “note to the guests” is heartwarming, while still warranting at least one hearty laugh. Her menu has a creative conceit and ends in a joke. A lot of things are clean, simple and end in a joke. The signage becomes her outlet, a place where fun can reign supreme with no mothers reigning her in. There is probably more signage than there needs to be, she doesn’t care. The bar sign has an alliteration, the photobooth sign is a giggle and, the puns, oh the puns scattered across the reception hall. So many puns. Simple but refreshing puns. Everyone loves puns (please do not comment if you do not like puns).


Words adorn the room as much as flowers and candles do. The design is great, but without strong copy, what is making this wedding truly “them”. It will be a beautiful day regardless, but the messaging must be on point.

When a copywriter gets married her vows come surprisingly easy. She knows the key points, she knows the emotion, and she 100% supports the brand that launches with those little silver bands.



[Photos: Lauren Natalie Photography]

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