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All is Fair in Rates & Wages – Speak Freely Friday

August 5, 2016

Fair Pay. It is a popular and passionate conversation among creatives and freelancers. More often than not we find ourselves wishing we could just say...


Introducing Speak Freely Fridays

July 6, 2016

Real talk. Running your own business can be hard. Dealing with an often sexist industry is hard. Negotiating rates, fighting to be fairly compensated for...


When a Copywriter Gets Married…

January 13, 2016

When a copywriter gets married she hems and haws about each and every word and comma on each and every print piece and sign. She...


Creative Spaces: Chris Hershman, Rock ‘n Roll Filmmaker, Photographer, Musician

July 7, 2015

Let me start this by saying, Chris Hershman is an absolute angel. This blog was supposed to go live in February. However, life, and super-fun clients,...

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